An app to manage drug inventory shrinkage and waste.

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Track expiry dates effectively.


Pharmacies across the nation lose a lot of money every year from disposing of expired or unused medications. It is hard to quantify this.

Pharmacy software vendors do not provide any native functionality to track expiry dates.

Reducing the impact of medicine waste is a crisis that requires more attention.


One tap to save the expiry and another tap to enter quantity!

Very Clean UI

A clear frictionless method for monitoring short dated stock.

Save on costs of reverse distribution.


When you try to reverse distribute a medicine that is nearly out of date, you are forced to pay a commission of up to 5% ex GST.

Often at times, a pharmacy makes a loss by selling under cost.

So technically you are making a loss to make a loss.


Post nearly out of date stock on the public list to help redistribute stock

NO percentage commission. A small flat fee to power the production infrastructure.

2700 pharmacies can save an approximate of $450 per year as commission charged by competitors.

Medication Shortages and communication.


Australia is struggling to deal with post-COVID-19 medicine shortages.

Currently there is no way of communicating with a large group of pharmacists quickly to ask for stock availability.

Have you ever called pharmacies in the area to see if anyone has stock of a critical medicine? How long does it take? It is time consuming.


Send an SOS to all pharmacies on network when there is a critical need for medicine that is not in stock.

No need to call pharmacies or post on FB.

An SOS is a notification that is sent to all devices with a moderated request for stock availability or help.

Get THREE giggles from ONE tickle.